Buccaneers fans excited, yet cautious about Lovie Smith


When the word “homecoming” is typed into a Google search bar the top results include words such as dresses, hairstyles, and makeup. While the homecoming of Lovie Smith back to Tampa Bay didn’t include a traditional parade of couture dresses, up-do’s, or floats, it hasn’t gone unnoticed that billboards singing thanks to the Glazer family are plastered around the Tampa Bay area. Fans and players alike are excited to see the change in the head coach’s office. As Lovie put it, the Bucs have gotten away from winning and it is time to “become a relevant team again”.

One of the most asked questions regarding the Bucs of last season revolved around Mike Glennon and where he would end up if, or rather, when Schiano was fired. Smith hasn’t exactly announced Glennon as his QB yet, but rumor has it he was the first of Smith’s players to seek him out. Glennon is still young and trainable, and with Jeff Tedford taking over the Offensive Coordinator spot there’s no doubt that Glennon could soon be molded to fill the shoes of a star Quarterback. Tedford’s history with molding Quarterbacks into top NFL players may be one of the reasons Smith chose to bring him on. His ability to work with QBs of different backgrounds and styles is certainly an appealing OC quality.

Excitement has certainly filled the air with the announcement of the new coaching staff; however, pessimism still abounds as some fans question whether the 2x Pac-10 Coach of the Year – Tedford will transition well from college ball to pro. This is where we do a quick rewind of the last couple seasons in TB and remind ourselves that any change is a positive one. It’s no secret that it takes talent to build talent, and the talented Tedford is not lacking. If Tedford’s transition to pro ball doesn’t prove to be beneficial to either him or the Bucs, well, we can’t say we didn’t try.

Not a stranger to pro football the Bucs new Defensive Coordinator, Leslie Frazier is projected to do some pretty big things in Tampa. The announcement from Smith that Revis is included in some “big plans” that he and DC Frazier have must have been music to the Cornerback’s ears. Revis’s future as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer is no longer questionable as Smith has made clear he is looking forward to putting Revis to good use and positioning him to make plays.

Now that the Bucs have a new coaching staff to look forward to, the attention of many has been turned toward the draft. What the Bucs need to do to keep their young QB standing is to beef up their offensive line. Sitting at #7 in the draft, the Bucs have a good chance of picking up offensive tackles like Taylor Lewan from Michigan, ranking #20 in the 2014 draft. Standing at 6’7” and weighing in at 315, Lewan has consistently shown his competitive drive and ability to be quick on his feet laterally. Plugging him in would be a good move to fill this particular need if the Bucs plan to invest in Glennon for the long(er) haul. As it stands, Glennon has a chance to become a franchise QB, unless of course, he ends up holding a hall pass to the IR list. Defensive ends and Tight ends, if available in stores, would be flying off shelves this year. Filling the biggest needs for the Bucs is going to be imperative in keeping Glennon healthy, and will also help to build a trust between the QB and his line.

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