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All has been quite on the waterfront of Valley Ranch. A year ago, the Cowboys fired Rob Ryan after a dismal season defensively, they then dusted off the old relic that is Monte Kiffin. Kiffin only preceded to produce the worst Cowboys defense in history, and give up so many yards Ki-Jana Carter (biggest bust in history)¬†could have found the end zone. Needless to say, the Cowboys cannot justify keeping the grizzled Kiffin and firing Garrett’s guy in Ryan. Say what you will, but things most definitely should change to save face and credibility. With that said here are the Top 5 replacement candidates.

5. Ray Horton– Horton had a rough year in Cleveland, that being said with all the new changes to take place he may find himself looking for a gig. Now he typically runs a 3-4 defense but is capable in the 4-3 and could possibly run a hybrid, multiple front type of defense that may suit the Cowboys.

4. Jim Schwartz– If Jerry wanted a big splash hire this would be it, however I just don’t see it. He has the ability to make a defense ferocious but he also has a “dirty” reputation. Besides cussing out fans is not cool. He is a 4-3 guy though, but could he work with Garrett?

3. Dave Wannstedt– He is an old pal of Jason Garrett’s and former assistant on the Cowboys’ Super Bowl winning teams of the 90’s. He could fit well for many reasons but more importantly could help rebuild this defense into something better than what it has produced lately. He did call Garrett last year about a possible return,.

2. Matt Eberflus– He is really well-liked by the organization and has been groomed by the coaches in Dallas. He has yet to be a Defensive Coordinator in the NFL, but has had enough experience in position coaching that he may be the right fit. He currently is the linebackers coach, but maybe there are bigger plans for Eberflus.

1. Rod Marinelli– This is by far the most logical choice, he’s a 4-3 guy who made guys off the street look like starters at times. He revitalized Jason Hatcher and made George Selvie as a hometown favorite. Marinelli is a phenomenal coach and it would be an honor to have him as the DC.

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