Colin Kaepernick’s tortoise the star of new hilarious comic


The guy’s over at Bleacher Report did a good job around this time last year explaining that the monster creature that’s been apart of the Kaepernick family since Colin was 10-years old is indeed a tortoise, not a turtle.

The pet’s name is Sammy, and it even has it’s own Twitter account. The vines on this page show just how big Sammy is, checking in at more than 100 pounds.

Well one of our favorite NFL comic illustrators, @DrawplayDave, decided to have a little fun this week with Kap’s tortoise and the 49ers clutch playoff win against the Packer last Sunday.

Image via @DrawplayDave

Should they beat the Panthers, what can Kaepernick tame Sammy with next week?

The demeanor of Jim Harbaugh recently is a good sign for the 49ers.

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