Eagles take out full-page ad in the Inquirer


Check out this nice full-page ad that the Eagles put in today’s edition of The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Eagles Thank You Ad

The ad is actually a semi-transcription of this video that the Eagles released the other day. Looks like this was their way of reaching all the people who aren’t hip to this tech stuff.

h/t to @MetsFanInPhilly (whose avatar is, obviously, a picture of Snoopy that says “Go Flyers”) for the find.

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  • Danzo

    To all you Eagle fans your still the scum of the earth. Shut your mouth until you win the SB

  • philip cavalcante

    best fans on earth…………….douche bag

    • John A. Naguski

      You are exactly correct Philip, knowledgeable fans in all sports, expect the best when a guy is being paid millions to play a game. We won Championships when the game was played by real men.

  • Razor

    Like the man said …SHUT YOUR MOUTH UNTIL YOU WIN THE BIG ONE…douche bag

  • SteelerRBst

    Learn to spell. It is you’re. Next year for sure!!!

  • matic

    @ danzo – how bout you learn the difference between YOUR and YOU’RE before you start typing shit…because all you’ve done is make yourself look stupid…

  • matic

    @ razor – we type to communicate here…pay attention…

  • R

    Not for nothing, but you’re is conjugation of “you are”. “Your” is possessive, which is the right word in this case “shut your mouth”. Anyway, can’t wait until we do win and make all the haters kneel to Zod.

  • Bruce

    Yeah Danzo! Go fuck yourself!

  • Bruce

    Yeah R! Give Danzo an English lesson!

  • Sean

    a lot of internet tough guys! Go pick a fight with someone face to face and see how that works out. You guys are real tough. hahaha!