Questions the Packers must answer this offseason


Now that the dust has settled over and the 2013 Green Bay Packers season is officially in the books it’s time for us as fans to relax and wait until next season. Right? WRONG! It is time for us to over analyze every single move made by the Packers this season, demand change in the off-season, over scout the draft, hope for high priced free agents, and pray that our players aren’t among the 30 or so NFL players who will most likely be arrested this offseason. So, in the spirit of being an over zealous Packer fan let me get the off-season rolling with my top 5 questions for the Pack this off-season.

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  • witeamfan

    It does’nt fall soley on Capers. The personnel on the field is subpar. However. Capers defensive scheme has’nt worked in the last 3 years. He’s a good coach, but maybe a different scheme along with players that have some talent and desire will make a difference. Players should concentrate more on fundamentals like tackling and knowing their assignments rather than growing their hair long, and how many gold chains they can put around their necks.

  • dertay ernesto

    Dom Capers to his partial defense, he has to use the players TT drafts. However, as D coach he is responsble to assess that talent and build a D around it, something he has failed miserably to do.
    I read where teams like GB like the 3-4 scheme because you do not have to draft high priced defensive ends so the 3-4 is there to basically save a buck. ala Ted Thompson.
    The 3-4 IMHO cannot work against the run and shoot QB’s or today unless the 3 are agile, fast linemen who can push the pile or move laterally.
    Jolly, Pickett and Raji are not that kind of skill players. They are slow, not agile at all and quickly get left behind by guys like Kapernick: now he’s there, now he’s not. You put that blame directly on Capers.

  • jeff

    I think its time they fire Dom capers he’s been there long enough,and has no defense,every time they plays 49ers they let quarter back run whole game, nothing was changed in game,so fire Mr capers.

    • Liam

      I think we should relax about firing capers. If you were watching the game against the 49ers you would have noticed they were playing without there two best defensive players, on an already hurt defense. Its about the players, not the plays. Capers called two perfect calls on the 49ers last drive that should have given the ball back to the pack. One was a dropped interception by hyde and the other was a blown assignment by Bush who was playing for Shields. Dont get me wrong, the defense needs a lot of work but i dont think the blame is all on capers.

  • Anonymous

    No free agents signed , Capers is still here, wait more importantly, the Special teams coach didn’t get fired? Typical TT offseason, boring, yet frustrating watching teams upgrade like the Niners and Pats will do, nope not the Pack, TT will continue to draft unproven players until Rodgers is past his prime and send the Pack right back to the eighties