McKenzie: Still searching trash heaps for hidden treasure


The Oakland Raiders are currently enjoying the calm before the storm that will be the 2014 off season. As the playoffs continue for the next few weeks, the Raiders do not have a whole lot going on. The meeting between Dennis Allen and Mark Davis, which turned out to be a lot to do about nothing, was likely some of the biggest Raiders related news for a while.

But just because there is not a whole lot going on, does not mean there is not a whole lot going on. The fact of the matter is, the Raiders front offices are constantly working in order to prepare for the off season that could define this team for years to come. But at this point, much of what is being done is not very noteworthy. It is the hard work before that is not sexy, but will hopefully lead to general manager Reggie McKenzie putting together a solid team.

McKenzie began almost as soon as the season ended when he signed quarterback Trent Edwards to a reserve/futures contract. Yet again, not a signing that means a whole lot to the outside, but it secures a veteran arm for training camp that might be able to help some of the young quarterbacks learn the NFL game. It also leaves one less thing for McKenzie to do during what will be one of the busiest off seasons for any team in the NFL.

This week, McKenzie took a look at a few more guys, but did not sign anyone. The Raiders looked at former New York Jets running back Joe McKnight and defensive end Jamal Anderson who was a first round pick of the Atlanta Falcons. Even though no one was signed, it is this tireless search for talent in every place possible that has led to McKenzie finding hidden gems like Rod Streater and Andre Holmes.

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