Seattle titillated by Percy Harvin announcement


It’s official. A few hours ago Percy Harvin addressed reporters at VMAC and told them that he “absolutely” will play in this Saturday’s playoff game against the visiting New Orleans Saints.

Among the revelations at his appearance: Harvin says that he will have no limitations, and that he’s been returning kicks all week in practice. Speculation had been rampant since Harvin unexpectedly returned to practice last week for the Seahawks, and the 12th man was anxiously waiting an official word on his status.

When the news broke that Percy plans to play, every sports reporter and Seahawks fan in the Seattle area went completely nuts on Twitter. Some of them even appear to be aroused. Just how ridiculous is it? Harvon and Wet Percy are now a part of the Seattle sports lexicon. A few of the highlights:

And now for your viewing pleasure, I present ten and a half minutes of Percy Harvin pornography.

Can you tell that we’re excited?

In honor of the three year anniversary of the Beast Quake, the Clink will sell Beast burgers with Skittles.

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