Suh most feared player in the NFL


The constant battle that Lions’ defensive end Ndamukong Suh is in to overcome his reputation as a dirty player may have finally tilted in his favor.

In a survey conducted by ESPN, 320 players were asked who they thought the most feared players in today’s game were. Suh was voted No. 1 with 61 votes.

In an interview with, Suh explained his feelings about being titled the most feared player in the NFL after being labeled as the dirtiest player for the last two years.

“If it’s feared from the context of they don’t want to play against me and they are worried about how I may affect the game and affect the offense, its definitely a seen as a plus and a positive. Guys have respect for you, just like guys have respect for Calvin.”

Coming in second place was Calvin Johnson with 58 votes. According to the results of the survey, no other player received more than 30 votes.

Suh was fined multiple times this season for hits that were deemed either too rough or unnecessary by the NFL. While Suh hasn’t met eye-to-eye with the NFL on his style of play, Suh has made it clear he will not be changing his style of play and that he will work towards becoming a more consistent player instead.

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