The search for a new OC begins


With Jeff Ireland and the Miami Dolphins mutually parting ways, the Dolphins are now in need of a general manager and offensive coordinator, with Mike Sherman being fired as well. These two vacancies were expected to be open when the season ended for the Miami Dolphins a couple weeks ago, and now the they are looking for fill them. Here are some possible candidates for the Dolphins and what they could mean to the Dolphins.

Offensive Coordinator:

Rumored names

Former Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak

Positive: He has had a lot of success coaching the west coast offense in his career, most notably coaching the Denver Broncos offenses and then later becoming the Houston Texans head coach because of his work. His offenses has been very successful and with him running a west coast offense, Tannehill and the offense would not have to learn too much new stuff.

Negative: With him coming off a head coaching job, he might not want to go back to a offensive coordinator, especially with him interviewing for the Detriot Lions for their head coaching job. Couple that with his health issues, and he might be out of reach for the Dolphins.

Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback coach Bill Lazor:

Positive: Bill Lazor has had NFL coaching experience before, coaching with the Washington Redskins and Seattle Seahawks as their quarterbacks coach and he was an offensive coordinator at the University of Virginia. So he has experience coaching both, which could help him transition to offensive coordinator on the NFL level as well as help Ryan Tannehill develop like he helped Nick Foles develop this year.

Negative: He only has three years experience coaching as a offensive coordinator and it was only in college at a decent university. He also does not run a west coast offense which means Tannehill and the offense would have to learn a whole new scheme.

Green Bay Packers’ quarterback coach Ben McAdoo

Positive: He knows the system Joe Philbin likes to run and the offense would not have to learn a new system. He also could help Tannehill develop because of the traits he learned working with Aaron Rodgers every day, which could be invaluable for Tannehill should be able to truly develop.

Negative: He has never called plays before and he also has only been a quarterbacks coach for two years, previously being a tight ends coach before. Philbin might not be able to afford his inexperience as he is on the hot seat.


Another possible name

Former Cleveland Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski

Positive: He has all kinds of coaching experience, most recently being the head coach of the Cleveland Browns and the offensive coordinator with the Carolina Panthers. His experience and knowledge could help not only Tannehill and the offense, it could also help Philbin as well.

Negative. He does not run the same offense as the west coast, so having to switch schemes could be counter productive to the development of Tannehill. He also would have a lot of expectations because of all his ties with South Florida, with him coaching at the University of Miami for so many years.

Also, with the Dolphins looking at hiring offensive coordinators before they even start interviews to fill their general manger job, it looks as if when they do hire a general manager, he not have full control to hire his own staff and will be more of a talent evaluator than the”head honcho” type. This is very disturbing as the Dolphins, as it seems, are looking to just fill holes rather than doing it right and starting over, like they should.

Should Stephen Ross decided to give full power to the general manager he hires, then look for Joe Philbin’s job to be on the line. But sadly it looks as if this will not happen, and it does not and the Dolphins are looking to fill wholes, then the new GM and offensive coordinator and new assistants better be able to work together very nicely and make some tweaks to this roster to propel it to the playoffs, otherwise, Ross could lose his already dwindling fan base completely.

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