Vindicated! Marshawn Lynch wins appeal for 50k fine


What a spectacular week for Marshawn Lynch!

On Sunday morning we reported that Lynch had been fined $50,000 by the NFL for refusing to speak to the media all season. I wrote that I would volunteer to pay for the fine myself if I had the funds, and apparently I wasn’t alone in expressing that sentiment, as Seahawks fans soon started collecting money to show their support.

Yesterday was the three year anniversary of the fabled Beastquake, when Lynch scored a playoff touchdown against the Saints en route to an upset Seattle victory. CenturyLink Field is celebrating this Saturday by debuting a Beast burger with Skittles. Now comes the best news of all.

Writing on his Facebook page on Wednesday, Marshawn said that he appealed the fine with the league and won:

To all the 12s I appreciate your support. Wanted you to know I appealed the fine & won, but I’m still going to match all donations made at & donate it to a local Seattle charity. Thanks to Loren Summers for starting the site, we’ve talked & after the deadline, even if $50k isn’t met & all contributions are given back, I’ll donate the matched total # anyway…

Kudos to Marshawn for the charity promise. This certainly comes as a surprise. Perhaps the league arbitrator decided that the size of the fine was excessive, or that it was hypocritical to punish Lynch now when he’s been doing it all year. As soon as we have more information we’ll post an update.

UPDATE: More details are now available. Terry Blount of ESPN reported today that Lynch will avoid paying the fine as long as he speaks to reporters once a week while the Seahawks are still in the playoffs. If Lynch doesn’t play ball, he’ll pay $100,000.

Watch this ordinary 12th man transform himself into the Sea Hulk.

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