What will happen with Ravens’ offseason?


Well the season is over and it was an up and down kind of season. There was the disappointing start some early static and a late surge that ended with a dismal missing of the playoffs. It could be argued that if Flacco were healthy that the Ravens would have made the postseason. A four game winning streak, a visit to Ford Field and a helmet to Flacco’s knee and two weeks later they’re watching the playoffs from the same spot I am, the living room couch. So what’s the next step, what is next in store for Baltimore.

The hot button issue that seems to be on everyone’s mind is what is the story with the offensive coordinator? Jim coached the Colts almost his entire professional career, came in last year and lit a fire under the offense. With the retirement of Ray Lewis and the loss of Ed Reed it looked as though the defense might not be Baltimore’s calling card anymore. The running game took a step back this year by no fault of Caldwell. Even so he may be coaching elsewhere next season. Another head coaching job might be too tantalizing for him to pass up. Detroit is in need of a head coach after firing Jim Schwartz, Tennessee and Washington have also set interviews for him. He may stay undecided as long as the Super Bowl depending on how long potential candidates transgress into the post season for their respective teams. So don’t expect any fluctuation in the offensive coordinator position until at least next month.

Another thing the Baltimore brain trust has tossed to the media is that they plan on beefing up and diversifying their offensive backfield. So that could mean any number of things. It could mean that they don’t think Pierce fills the thunder role well enough to complement Rice’s lightning. A lot of teams have converted to the two-back system. So they obviously have plans to combat the running issues that plagued them. I imagine that offensive line is also on that shopping list of necessities for the running game. Last year there was quite a bit of turnover and expect a pick and pull through this year’s off-season’s free agency list as well. With outstanding numbers attached to defensive stars Terrell Suggs and Haloti Ngata there will have to be decisions made there as well. So expect action from the Ravens come free agency. And then there is the NFL Draft. The Ravens are middle of the pack for the selection. But realistically we haven’t even seen the combine and are miles away from even considering the possibilities of what could there. So that’s a topic for another day.

The goal obviously is to go out and win the Super Bowl every year. Every coach, every player every team goes out with that plan. And every year that dream is only realized by one. Last year it was the Ravens this year it won’t be, but a friend of mine put it best, “Well, can’t win it every year”. Right now the Ravens are unwinding a little and spending time with loved ones. And after a grueling five month working period I don’t blame them one bit. Of course they say the NFL season never ends.

–If you are interested in what the team is planning on doing with Terrell Suggs, CLICK HERE.

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