Pitta may not be the best option to put the “tag” on


Speculation has arisen that the Baltimore Ravens would put the franchise tag on Dennis Pitta instead of trying to work out a long-term deal with him at this point. Franchise tag meaning that a player would receive an average of what the top five players at that position are getting played for that year. It’s a move the Ravens like to avoid but sometimes it’s the best solution.

No question the Ravens need to do whatever it takes to keep Flacco’s “security blanket” in purple and black but now it seems at what cost?

If the Ravens do indeed “tag” Pitta there will be a conflict as to what position he actually is. Of course he is always listed as a tight-end but this past season he ran 79.7 percent of routes out of the slot. That was the highest rate of any tight-end. Ipso-facto he should be a wide-receiver and more importantly get paid like one. A receiver makes roughly five million a more on average than does a tight-end.

This just adds to the pressure of trying to work out a deal and possibly use the tag on someone else.

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