Previewing the Giants' 2014 schedule


It’s that special time of year around the NFL. There is excitement in the air and a sense of wonder that fills the hearts and minds of fans…did you think I was speaking about the playoffs? Of course not, I write about the New York Giants and they are not in the playoffs, bummer I know. I am talking about the next best thing. The Giants’ 2014 opponents, lets take a quick look and break it down.

We all know that six games will be against the NFC East. Three home and three away, which is a given in the NFL. As for the rest of the opponents Big Blue will take on the, Cardinals, 49ers, Texans, Colts and Falcons at home in 2014. As for the away games the G-Men will Visit the Rams, Seahawks, Jaguars, Titans and Lions. All in all…not bad. The Giants only play four playoff teams.

We all know that the draft and free agency changes the outlook of teams from year to year. A team that is terrible this year like the Texans can have a great draft and become a great team next year. Injuries could plague a great team like San Francisco and change their fortunes. No one can really tell but if the Giants would have had this schedule this season, I think they would have made the playoffs.

It will be interesting to see what moves all of these teams including the Giants make to improve themselves in the offseason. At this point you really cannot say if the schedule will be favorable or not. Players will tell you when you play a team is almost as important as which team you play. If the Giants draft well, and make the anticipated offseason changes like the ones that have been hinted at by management. I believe things could look up this year for Big Blue. Like with all things, only time will tell and this is no exception to the rule. So enjoy the playoffs even if you are a Giants fan. There is plenty of time to dissect opponents after the season is done.

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