Steelers fan taking things into his own hands


Nearly every fan has yelled at the TV scream in an attempt to change the outcome of the game, but they rarely go any farther than that. Well, Daniel L. Spuck, a Pittsburgh Steelers’ fan from Mercer, Pennsylvania, has decided it is time to take fan anger to the next level. Instead of simply complaining to everyone that walks into his vicinity, Spuck has gone straight to the source by suing the NFL for their missed call in the Charger’s week 17 victory against the Chiefs.

In the closing seconds of regulation, the Chief’s Ryan Succop missed a game winning field goal that would have subsequently kicked the Chargers out of the playoffs in favor of the Pittsburgh Steelers. On that play, San Diego lined seven players up to one side of the snapper, which should have been flagged as an illegal formation, yet the referees on the field all missed the call and the game went into overtime where the Chargers eventually won.

Spuck claims that the NFL should have taken immediate action to remedy the missed call. He proposed suspending the playoffs for a week in order to allow Succop to re-kick the field goal or allowing the Steelers and Chargers to play on a neutral field to determine who goes to the playoffs.

Obviously the NFL paid no mind to Spuck as the playoffs continued as planned and the Chargers are now prepping for a showdown with the Denver Broncos after easily handling the Bengals in their Wild-Card matchup. Either way, while Spuck did find a way to sue the NFL, he doesn’t seem to be the most accountable person with the law himself as he filed his motion from inside a Pennsylvania correctional facility.

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