Seahawks survive battle with dirty Saints bounty hunters


Seattle’s defense dominated the New Orleans Saints and the Seahawks scored when they needed it most in the fourth quarter. After their 23-15 victory over the Saints, they will advance to the NFC Championship game next week.

MVP – Marshawn Lynch

All of the superlatives in the world aren’t enough to describe what Lynch did on the field today. Prior to the Rams game Week 17, his production was in serious decline and he was struggling to get 75 yards in a game. Apparently all he needed was a little bit of rest. Lynch ran for 140 yards and two touchdowns, including the clincher late in the fourth quarter. His speed, cutting ability and power were all on display in this game and he reminded everybody why he’s a Pro Bowler.

LVP – Rafael Bush

This guy. This guy. What am I gonna do with this guy? On the Seahawks first offensive drive of the game he laid out Percy Harvin with a vicious full-speed helmet to helmet hit that earned a 15 yard penalty. Harvin had to retreat to the locker room to go through the concussion protocols. While he was eventually able to return to the game, Harvin was hit again in the endzone in the second quarter and had to leave the game permanently. The first hit was a dirty one, end of story. Bush was aiming high all game on anyone he tackled and I’m certain he was encouraged by head coach Sean Payton. I’m ashamed to say that I cheered for the Saints in the Super bowl a few years ago. Drew Brees may be a class act but he’s playing for a class-A ass clown.

X-Factor – Bobby Wagner

In my conversation yesterday with Reed Marks, I said that Bobby Wagner would be instrumental in stopping the Saints rushing and screen pass attack. Wagner did all that and more, and he’s officially earned a name for himself as one of the elite linebackers in the NFL. Wagner had seven solo tackles and a nice deflection. Let’s also give credit to Jermaine Kearse for some big-time blocks, including one on Lynch’s touchdown run.

Key Stat – 89

Doug Baldwin wears number 89. He went undrafted, but GM John Schneider still saw his potential. Baldwin secured the biggest catch of the game on the drive that ended up winning it. The Saints challenged the play but ended up losing their last timeout.

Tweet of the game

What This Win Means

Oh boy that was too close for comfort, but a win is a win and the Seahawks have moved on. They will host either the Carolina Panthers or some other team next week at the Clink. This offense needs some work, particularly in the passing game. Let’s all pray that Percy Harvin is healthy and able to go.

Up Next

Sunday, January 19, 2014 Time TBD
Panthers or them that shall not be named at Seattle Seahawks
CenturyLink Field

Relive the Seahawks big win with this Twitter recap.

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  • Elliott Groves

    Really…your headline is a joke. There is no team in the NFL that plays dirtier than the Seahawks. Further, given the fact that uppers and PEDs are all part of the training regiment, I wouldn’t talk too much stuff.

    • Hawksfan206912

      did you even see that game? Bush was playing super dirty all the way up until Harvin left… Bounty hunting at its finest… that first hit was dirty as hell. which is why harvin has the concussion..

    • Anonymous

      You are an idiot Elliot

  • Tim Weaver

    Curious – If I answer 3 riddles do you have to leave?

  • Travis

    Sean Payton instructed him to get the helmet to helmet? Are you serious? Go watch the GIF. Bush’s aim point was shoulder level and Harvin clearly dropped his head. The penalty was a good call because it ended up being helmet to helmet. But to say he was ordered to do so is absurd.

  • Lookslikeabunchoftaintshomers

    Look at you fools, Your taint lost, GTFO and yes Bush played dirty as well, AND YES I believe Payton or Rob had every intention of taking out what then thought would dbe Key players. OH by you gusy got a lucky break on the facemasking when ur assnine for a defense ripped baldwins helmet off..

  • Anonymous

    You know it was dirty when he got pats and congrats all the way around from the coaches.