Chiefs need a playmaking receiver to take next step


It was a disappointing ending to the season for the Kansas City Chiefs this year, but with a new offseason comes new opportunities. The Chiefs are in the best spot they have been in several offseasons and they have a chance to really better their roster over the next several months. The first obvious need for the Chiefs going forward is wide receiver. Dwayne Bowe is a very good number two receiver in the NFL but he is not a number one, and I think he proved that this season. Even though he was able to back up what he said, and had a great playoff performance against the Colts, it was clear throughout the season that some help on the outside to take some pressure from Bowe would be huge.

In a perfect world, the Chiefs would be able to draft Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins. Watkins has the perfect combination of size, strength, and speed to be a star receiver in the upcoming years. However, Watkins is projected to be a top ten pick in the 2014 draft, so that possibility seems unrealistic. With Watkins no longer in the picture, I believe that the Chiefs will probably pick Marquise Lee, wide receiver from USC. He is only six feet tall but runs about a 4’4 forty yard dash, and has shown that he has good hands. What I’m really hoping for is that the Chiefs do not give in to the hype and pick the receiver from Texas A&M, Mike Evans. Analysts have Evans going in the top 20, so hopefully he will not be an option for the Chiefs. I do not think he is good enough to win coverage battles in the NFL. Evans does have a big body and pretty good hands, but his lack of consistency is very concerning to me. I believe it is not a good sign that he was not able to get open in college. If he was not able to consistently get open in college, he for sure will not be able to get separation in the NFL.

Early on in the season, it seemed to me that the Chiefs were just one good, playmaking receiver away from being a Super Bowl contender. Yet, as the season progressed and the defense started to wear down, it began to become apparent that the Chiefs need more than just a receiver. A free safety, linebacker, and offensive lineman would also be huge additions for this Chiefs this offseason. Add a playmaking receiver to the mix and I do think that we have a team that could make a deep run in the playoffs in 2014.

While the 2013 season came to a screeching halt, there is a lot of optimism in Kansas City for the Chiefs in 2014. 2013 was supposed to be a rebuilding year, with 9-7 being an acceptable outcome. But, the Chiefs were able to take advantage of an easy schedule the first half of the season and exceed expectations. 11-5 was a good start for this new group of players and I think that there is better yet to come. The 2014 Chiefs will be a much more familiar group with more to prove, and hopefully more playmakers. For that reason, I think the future for the Chiefs remains bright.

Chiefs fans were pretty depressed while watching the playoffs over the weekend. See their tweets from Saturday’s action.

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