End of day news and notes for 01/13

Missing Ravens
Quarterback Joe Flacco: Perhaps no one in a Ravens uniform is looking forward to training camp more than the veteran quarterback who tore his ACL in week 11 against the Rams. Flacco said on Thursday that it was almost torture to watch his teammates play last season and to sit out all of the off-season workouts doing rehab. Now that the rehab is behind him Flacco is concentrating on getting his arm in shape and ready for the upcoming season. He has plans to use the remaining six weeks before training camp to do some extra work with receivers on timing he is planning on fully being ready for that very first practice on July 24. Full team workouts begin on July 28.

Roster Development

Ravens sign running back Cierre Wood to a reserve-future deal although contract has hit some snags. His contract will be refilled.

Super Bowl Rings

It was first reported that former Ravens Damien Berry was selling his 2012 Championship ring. Berry later came out and denied these reports saying “he had no idea that his friend was selling his ring and did not authorize that”. It has now been reported that there are notarized documents saying that Berry indeed knowingly sell his ring.

Coaching Carousel

Detroit Lions team officials are saying that Jim Caldwell is still a strong candidate for the head coaching position

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