Game Balls: BUT I’M JIMMY edition


On Saturday the Seahawks clinched a ticket to the NFC Championship game by beating the New Orleans Saints 23-15. Before the game started Jimmy Graham got into a confrontation with Cliff Avril and several other Seahawks players. At issue was the fact that Graham was warming up on Seattle’s end of the field. When Avril asked Graham to leave, he reportedly said:

“But I’m Jimmy!”

Avril replied:

“Who the (heckfire) is Jimmy?” then took his ball away and punted it down the field.



To commemorate this spectacularly douchy moment by the Saints tight end, we’re dedicating this week’s game balls to him. Here’s your key contributors for Seattle from this weekend.

Offense: Marshawn Lynch

No surprises here. Lynch finally got back to the Beast Mode we all know and love. He scored two touchdowns and ran for 140 yards on 28 carries. That’s a very solid five yards per attempt. His longest run of the game was 31 yards. The big score in the fourth quarter caused another seismic event. From USA Today:

The scientists believe the small earthquake during a Marshawn Lynch touchdown was likely greater than Lynch’s famous “beast quake” touchdown run three years ago, which also came against New Orleans during a playoff game.”

Defense: Kam Chancellor

For all his talk, Graham finished with just one reception on six targets for eight yards. The Seahawks secondary was all over him, and by the second half he was visibly frustrated by the blanket coverage, throwing several tantrums after incomplete passes. It was a complete team effort, but Chancellor’s presence was felt everywhere in this game. He had 14 combined tackles and two defended passes, one of which could have sealed the game but he unfortunately just couldn’t hang on.

Honorable Mention: Jermaine Kearse

Seattle’s receivers had a hard day, but when it mattered most they got the job done. Doug Baldwin caught a huge 24 yard catch on third down in the fourth quarter, which set up Lynch’s clinching touchdown run. Kearse was only targeted once the whole game, but he made it count for 25 yards. Kearse also did a great job blocking, opening up running lanes for Lynch several times during the game.

Read why Seattle’s strategy means they just don’t need a big passing attack to win games.

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