Jim Harbaugh’s babysitter is the best


Reading through a press conference transcript of San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh is always interesting. He’s either very short, or incredibly long winded with reporters, and often lets people know if they’ve asked a stupid question.

Well, today he did that, and then some. From the team:

Reporter: Do you feel it will take a near perfect game or a perfect game to win up there on Sunday?

Jim Harbaugh: “We’ll strive for that. We’ll strive for the perfect game. We’ve yet to reach that elusive perfection, but we’ll be striving for it.”

R: Have you thrown a one-hitter?

JH: “Pardon?”

R: Have you thrown a one-hitter?

JH: “Are we equating to baseball?”

R: I was just having fun.

“I was just answering the question. I didn’t go into baseball. But yeah, we’ll strive for that. And again, preparation will be the big factor. I also wanted to mention too, I had a chance to fly home last night and Stephanie, our babysitter, had Tivo-ed the game for us, and she took out the trash cans, which was, she is the best. Not a lot of babysitters would do that. And I did get a real nice note on the trashcan this morning saying, ‘Great job coach. Quest for six, from the fellas.’ So, I appreciated that.

I guess we can add weird tangents to the list of things to expect in a Harbaugh presser. Regardless, keep up the good work Stephanie.

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