The biggest surprise for the Eagles in 2013


The biggest surprise for the Philadelphia Eagles during the 2013 season was the emergence of Nick Foles. I hope this revelation isn’t shocking to anyone.

A second-year quarterback out of Arizona, Foles seemed to be the odd man out when Chip Kelly was named head coach. With an offense that traditionally featured a quarterback capable of making plays with his legs, Foles was anything but that. Despite an open competition during training camp, Michael Vick was eventually tabbed the starter by Kelly.

Foles played sparingly in the first four games of the year, attempting only five passes in a stretch of two games against the Chargers and Broncos. It wasn’t until Week 5 against the Giants in New York when Foles finally got his chance to shine.

After Michael Vick injured his hamstring towards the end of the first half, Foles filled in the rest of the way and led the Eagles to a 36-21 win over their division rival. He completed 16 of 25 passes for 197 yards and two touchdowns.

From here, the rest is history.

Foles had one of the most statistically efficient seasons of any quarterback in NFL history in 2013, throwing for 2,891 yards, 27 touchdowns and only two interceptions. He completed 64 percent of his passes and finished with a passer rating of 119.2—a number good for third best in NFL history.

Whether it was throwing seven touchdowns against Oakland or notching a mind-boggling 84 percent completion percentage against Chicago, Foles’ masterful performances will be something of legend in Philadelphia for years to come.

His effectiveness allowed the Eagles to function at a high level on offense. Because they weren’t turning they ball over, they were able to get hot at the right time and play their way into the playoffs.

Running back LeSean McCoy had a career year, but the numbers he put up were not surprising—his level of production from 2013 is what’s expected of him. Foles’ play was not.

The Eagles might have found their quarterback of the future. I say might because general manager Howie Roseman has said it himself that they’re always looking for competition at any and all positions. At the very least, Foles as proven himself to be a viable option in 2014.

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  • Steve

    This guy was not a surprise at all…..not to the team….or it’s fans.

  • Anonymous

    You talking heads need to find a real job. Is it a surprise that he had a record setting year yes but that he was actually good no. He should have started in the first place. Vick barely beat him out to begin with and you already knew what we had with him. As far as Foles fitting only you idiots in the media questioned it. Take a look at Kelly’s past and you will find that he only ran with an effective running QB 1/2 of his College career and he was actually more succesful with pocket QB’s