The curious case of Thomas DeCoud


DeCoud has been a starting member of the Falcons’ secondary for quite a few seasons. DeCoud wreaked havoc as a member of the Cal Bears, and was gladly snatched up in the third round of the 2008 NFL Draft. He was named to the Pro Bowl in 2013, and has 14 interceptions in his career. As nice as these numbers sound, DeCoud has shown weakness in pass coverage from time to time, and in a secondary filled with young guns, it is important that the veterans do not make the mistakes. There has been a buzz lately around Flowery Branch that DeCoud could be a surprise cut this offseason. This week, I examine this possibility as well as the pros and cons.

Atlanta could potentially cut DeCoud, absorbing a $1.8 million in dead money, which is what is left on DeCoud’s contract. Essentially, this move would actually save Atlanta $3.0 million in terms of the hard cap. Keep in mind that a few defensive veterans are due bonuses this offseason, Osi is due around a million, which would make it difficult to part ways with the pass rusher if Atlanta chose to take on a rookie defensive end. In the NFL, safety contracts are not that expensive, so it is likely Atlanta could afford to let DeCoud walk. Atlanta sits in an interesting position, with a lot of needs, Atlanta needs to be very active in free agency and cutting guys to gain that extra cap space could prove to be the move that puts in over the top.

Here are a few of the cuts I can foresee occurring: Keep in mind, Atlanta will not be cutting all of these players, but this would give you an idea of the decisions Dimitroff & Co. have to decide over the next few months. Who stays? Who Goes?

T. DeCoud (3 million in savings) *expected starter
A. Samuel (5.25 million in savings)
S. Jackson (1.75 million in savings)*expected starter
J. Snelling (1.3 million in savings)
K. Biermann (2.5 million in savings)
S. Nicholas (2 million in savings)

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  • Samuel

    If I were the General Manager, I’d let Decoud, Samuels, and Nicholas go. The rest would be hard not to keep.

  • Harold

    I agree with letting ,Decoud, Samuels and but I would have to think about letting Nicholas go ….

  • Dwight McCants

    Thomas DeCoud is the weakest link on the Atlanta Falcons defense. He shows up when the play is over. Its amazing to me when the leadership does not recognize this “lack of abilities”. Also, I would like to see a coach in his face when he comes to the sideline after constantly getting beat.