Which Buccaneer was the best surprise in 2013?


The 2013 season didn’t play out the way most Buccaneers fans wanted, or anticipated it going, but that doesn’t mean that all was lost this year. There were some very good individual performances from a few Tampa Bay Buccaneers, so as the NFL season creeps to a close, we attempt to pick the most surprising performance from the season.

There is no question who the top receiver is on the Buccaneers roster, his name is Vincent Jackson. However this season’s best surprise is also a wide receiver/tight end, but his name is unknown to the majority of NFL fans.

Timothy Wright. Ever heard of him?

If you don’t live in Ybor city, there’s a pretty good chance you haven’t. That is unless you’re a fan of the State School of New Jersey, better known as Rutgers University.

Timothy Wright is a 6-foot-3, 220-pound wideout/tight end combo, with great hands and speed for his size. His opportunity came with the loss of Mike Williams and some inconsistent play from the other receivers. Regardless of how he got his shot, he took full advantage of what he was given.

Wright finished the season with 54 receptions, second only to Jackson. Of those 54 catches, 30 of them went for first downs, leading to his becoming a bigger and bigger target for rookie quarterback Mike Glennon. Wright’s 571 yards was also second on the team, and he added five touchdowns to his rookie stat-line.

The season may not have been as successful as the franchise was hoping, but that led to the firing of Greg Schiano and subsequent hiring of Lovie Smith. Smith has a budding weapon on his hands in Wright…and now you know who he is, the biggest surprise for the Bucs this season.

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