Arian Foster scandal creates large social media reaction


Arian Foster had already admitted to cheating before yesterday’s “baby mama drama” broke the social media world. His previous transgressions were related to taking money from boosters while a running back at the University of Tennessee, something he admitted to in documentary film. While that made headlines, it pales in comparison to his newest “cheating” scandal.

As reported yesterday, Arian Foster has allegedly impregnated a woman, who he later attempted to coax into having an abortion. The woman is not amused and filed a civil suit in the matter.

This current drama has produced plenty of opinion on Twitter, some angry, some believe it’s funny, either way, here is a sampling of the reaction:

This is a sad situation to be sure. Will be interesting to see how Foster and the Texans handle it going forward, but for now, there’s plenty of Twitter gold out there.

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