Bills fan compares Manuel to Manning, now that's just dumb


This weeks Buffalo Bills dumb tweet of the week comes to us courtesy of @wnymoneydoctor as he compares 16-year veteran Peyton Manning to rookie EJ Manuel while hash-tagging #nottheguy.

Check it out…

I suppose if we compared Peyton Manning’s rookie year to future Hall of Fame quarterbacks at the time he wouldn’t be “the guy” either. Manning was 3-13 in his rookie season with a completion rate of 56.7% and a QB rating of 71.2. Manuel missed six games but finished with one more win his rookie season, a completion rate of 58.8% and a QB rating of 77.7. So that #accuracy hash-tag is just plain silly when Manuel was a more accurate passer than Manning in his rookie season. Manuel has actually positioned himself statistically to be better than Peyton Manning. Now I’m not saying he is the next Peyton Manning, those are some pretty big cleats to fill, but to compare the two quarterbacks and then conclude we should throw Manuel in the trash is just plain dumb.

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