Did the Seattle Seahawks stay at No. 1 in the playoff Power Rankings?


Four. That’s how many teams remain alive in the NFL, while 28 turn their attention to coaching searches, free agency and the NFL draft, a quartet plays on, striving for that elusive Super Bowl title.

With the AFC and NFC Championship Games looming this Sunday, the editors at cover32 break down the teams still in the hunt. It was destiny to get the Seahawks and 49ers part III, but only one team can sit atop the playoff Power Rankings.

To see this week’s list and where Seattle and San Francisco check in, click here.

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  • mzboo.2000

    We can do it

  • mzboo.2000

    Come on seahawks you are going to make the super bowl send the 49ers home we do not like the 49ers we like the seahawks…