Does Tavon Austin truly have cat-like reflexes?


Two full weeks have passed since the Rams last played a football game, and nearly 34 weeks remain until the Rams will step on the field for their first regular season game of 2014. This is a very long time for you and me to wait, and it’s quite likely you are already experiencing pangs of football withdrawals – with full-on cold-sweat-inducing withdrawals to come in February and March.

We have your best interests at heart here at cover32, so to help get you ahead of the curve in curing your withdrawals, we want to pass along the following video that should help.

Does Tavon Austin truly have cat-like reflexes?

As I’ve pointed out before, the NFL is stringent about allowing sites like ours embed videos, so you’ll have to click on that link above. But it should be helpful resource when you get those inevitable withdrawals in the next few months. Enjoy.

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