Power Rankings

Four. That’s how many teams remain alive in the NFL, while 28 turn their attention to coaching searches, free agency and the NFL draft, a quartet plays on, striving for that elusive Super Bowl title.

With the AFC and NFC Championship Games looming this Sunday, the editors at cover32 break down the teams still in the hunt. Here’s this week’s Power Rankings:


1. Seattle Seahawks (14-3)

Marshawn Lynch

A bruising ground game and tough defense are Seattle’s signatures

A monster defensive effort propelled them to an eight point win against the Saints with a little help from a boneheaded Marques Colston in the closing seconds. Didn’t it feel like destiny to get the Seahawks and 49ers for a third time this season with a Super Bowl trip on the line? Even though it was months ago, it’s hard to forget just how badly Seattle put it on San Francisco in Week 2 at CenturyLink Field – a performance they’ll look to duplicate Sunday. (LW: 1)


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  1. nano must translate to moron in some language. What a complete idiot! Hmm… patriots have had brady 14 years. Bye nanoMoron that means new England has 13 superbowl trophies. What a joke!!!!!

  2. Now sports analysis even has to be PC? Both NFC teams are better than both the AFC teams. Super Bowl #1 is this Sunday in Seattle.

  3. Gary Larson

    Everybody has that special somebody, The Deal is that this just Seattles year & they are due. You have to admit, it’s felt like that all year & here we are! Brady, Manning & that other wanna be gangsta fool be damnd!! GO HAWKS!!!

  4. I find every game intensely entertaining and over the years I have had a few different favorite teams to root for. The best part of it all is that I was born on Feb. 3,1966. No matter what team wins or looses; Every single team in the NFL has year after year graced me with an awesome B-Day program( THE SUPERBOWL). So forget all about all of the overnight bandwagoners’ just realize if there wasn’t two teams playing against one another the whole thing would be pretty stale. Thank you all 32 teams I enjoy everygame everyseason. Play On !,

  5. jack mahogoff

    The Champion of the “Toilet Bowl” has been pre-determined for YEARS! You sheeple need to get your heads out of your a**es. My prediction is a Seahawks-Broncos Super Bowl. Regardless of who is the NFC representative, it’s going to be a Denver victory. Manning wins MVP and retires a champion a la Jerome Bettis. BTW, I’m a STEELERS fan. It’s rigged. Has been, and always will be. The outcome of the Super Bowl have been pre-determined and will continue that way as long as GOD-ELL and VEGAS have a vested interest in TV ratings and the game. It’s all about $$$$$$.

  6. seahawks this mzboo we hope u go to the super bowl and hope the 49ers go home. Go seahawks go seahawks.