Raiders CB Tracy Porter upsets Chuck E Cheese employee


The Oakland Raiders have a lot of serious business to attend to this off season. With the most cap space of any team in the NFL and a roster that needs more help than any other team in the NFL, this is a make or break year for many associated with the historic franchise.

But until we hit free agency, there is a black hole in terms of news. So let’s talk about something weird and random, Tracy Porter pissing off an employee at Chuck E Cheese. The other day, Porter sent out this tweet:

Since sending it out, the account for the tweet he references has been deleted and the picture is no longer available. I Tweeted to Porter to ask where this had occurred and he responded that it was at Chuck E Cheese.

The picture that is no longer available contained a screen shot of a text conversation between a Chuck E Cheese employee and their father. The employee asks who Tracy Porter is, the father responds he is a football player. The employee then says that they had worked his daughter’s party and calls him cheap for not giving them a tip.

Clearly irked even later on, the employee sent out that tweet saying “F tracy porter”. Now, I am not familiar with Chuck E Cheese, but I had always thought it was just a video arcade that also sold pizza. If there are sit down tables with waitresses then yeah, Porter should have left a tip and a good one. If it was someone slinging slices behind a counter, it is a little more understandable. Either way, his daughter looks like she had a pretty good time.


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