Twitter trolling: A few Cowboys and an issued challenge to the G.O.A.T


It’s Tuesday and it’s time to look at what the Cowboys Twitterverse has to offer.
First we start with an offering from Travis Frederick. There goes the Beard! Hopefully with a new beard will come even greater returns from the talented Mr. Frederick

One of the comments is right, I’m not sure I buy Emmitt dropping the Ball. Still it’s a pretty awesome painting

Am I the only one that realizes how wrong this looks? What’s worse is they put Hank in the Eagles Jersey…

In case you didn’t know, Dez Bryant likes to retweet fan’s throwing up the X. This is one of his more recent posts. Seems like Cowboys fans are coming up with more and more ways to show their love of 88

DeMarcus Ware out hitting the slops. Here’s to hoping it helps him get rested up for next season.

And finally former Cowboy and Hall of Famer Deion Sanders has issued the gauntlet to one G.O.A.T Jerry Rice!


See y’all next Tuesday with some spankin’ new tweets.

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