Who should Ravens fans be rooting for to win the Super Bowl?


There truly can only be one team that Baltimore Ravens fans should be rooting for from here on out…San Francisco 49ers.

Out of the four teams remaining they really do make the most sense, strictly talking from a fan base perspective. Another choice may seem like Seattle because they have yet to win a Super Bowl and really are of zero threat to the Ravens. Quite possibly it is the Broncos; only to see Peyton Manning cap off a historic year. Heck, I’d even buy some saying the Patriots because there is so much respect for a rival.

But nope. Anything that’s not the Niners would be silly.

How could we really root for the Patriots to not only get to the Super Bowl but win another one? I mean can we really handle any more Bill Belichick and Tom Brady praising. Sure they’re great but could we really root for them? They soundly thumped us this season and are continually a team we have to face with much on the line.

The Broncos? Peyton Manning? That sounds awful to me too. Same thing. The love affair with Manning can be overwhelming not to mention they put a pretty good licking on us too. Plus, they would have three total Super Bowl wins (one more than the Ravens).

Seattle? Well you could root for them no harm no foul but they don’t really give us anything. No player to especially pull for or no member of the coaching staff. The Seahawks. They’re kind of just there. Although they probably do deserve one after that debacle against the Steelers the last and only time Seattle went to a Super Bowl.

The 49ers. This makes sense. Remember Anquan Boldin? Of course you do. How could you not? He’s the player that we have been crying about for almost a full calendar year now. We love him. He did great things while donning purple and black. It would be kind of nice to see him win another one. However, the best reason why we should support the other Harbaugh coach is because that would give that franchise a total of six. Six Super Bowl victories. That would tie them with Pittsburgh. That’s right. Those smug Steeler fans who end every argument with “well we have the record with six, so you know”. I can’t stand that. As Ravens fans we are taught, and rightfully so, to hate the Pittsburgh Steelers. Everything about them. Respect them yes but hate them. The 49ers are the one team left that can give the Ravens a victory, no matter how small. To take away that piece of history from such a hated rival would be fantastic. Sure those Steel City fans will find something else to brag about. Who knows, maybe another rapper will come along and make another song about them. That’ll be fun right? But for now, for this season, let’s find a small victory.

I’ll speak on behalf of Ravens fans everywhere…Go Niners!!!

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