BBQ That Soothes the Cowboys Soul



What if the Cowboys kept Miles Austin?  Could they keep him for a lower salary?  The only person that can really answer that question is Miles Austin.  Would he be willing to take a pay cut?  If he wanted to continue with his career as a Cowboy, I don’t see any choice.  The free agency market for a player who was injured as much as he was isn’t heavy so it is a possibility.

Listening to the Nanocast, the question was posed about head coach Jason Garrett’s future.  Is this his last season if they do not make the playoffs?  If Jason Garrett’s next year doesn’t end up in the playoffs, it will most definitely be his last year.  Giving the excuse of “Well, the team showed improvement”  from one year to the next isn’t a valid excuse to keep him because the next measurement of improvement is to make the playoffs.  Having lost the unofficial “NFC East Championship” game three years in a row should be cause to lose your job.  For some reason or the other, owner Jerry Jones wants to see Garrett succeed in Dallas.  The only reason I can think of for keeping him is that is so that Jones can say, “One of MY former players was successful as a head coach for MY team.”  Other than that, I don’t see any reason to keep him unless it is playoffs with a deep run into them.

With the Super Bowl coming soon, what is your prediction of this weekend’s games?  The games between two traditional quarterbacks and the one between two modern day QB’s is an intriguing matchup.

The game between the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots will end up being an instant classic.  With the focus that I have seen from Peyton Manning, I see the Broncos pulling up to New York in February.

The game between the youngster’s, San Fran’s Colin Kaepernic and Seattle’s Russell Wilson is going to be a tough one to call.  They are pretty balanced on both sides of the ball.  The 49ers have the experience of playing deep in the playoffs but for some reason, I am rooting for the short guy.  Being a short guy myself, I would like to see Seattle win the NFC Championship game.

To wrap up, Miles Austin at a “Wal-Mart” price wouldn’t be bad, Jason Garrett better win next year, and I foresee a Denver/Seattle Super Bowl.

Keep those questions coming and until next week…

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