Cleveland’s coach in 2014 will be a nobody


The Cleveland Browns continue to search for a new head coach for the 2014 season. And find one they will. That said, it will not be anyone with a name. In fact, it will not be anyone you have ever heard of before. Young offensive minds are a logical place to start for a Cleveland team that has trouble scoring. But New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels removed himself from consideration. Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase declined even to interview with the Browns…under the polite yet thinly veiled excuse of preparing for the postseason.

It has gotten so bad that the Browns are going even deeper into the bottom of the barrel, reportedly interviewing the quarterbacks coach from the Green Bay Packers, Ben McAdoo. In all honesty, the only reason to be excited about him is that he has a fun last name. The guy who “coaches” Aaron Rodgers? Really? How low are you planning to go, Cleveland front-office?

Other names being thrown out there are Jack Del Rio and Dan Quinn, defensive coordinators of the Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks, respectively. Del Rio would be a tremendous mistake. First of all, he is almost entirely defensive-minded, which is not what the Browns need. Second, his Broncos finished the season with the #19 overall defense…not exactly the most flashy of statistics. Dan Quinn would be a better head coach for the Browns, but I still see problems with having another defensive mind in charge. And would he even want to leave Seattle for Cleveland?

From the college ranks, the Browns are reportedly interested in Auburn’s Gus Malzahn as well as Vanderbilt’s James Franklin. Is the Browns’ front office hoping that they can land the rare college coach that will thrive in the NFL? Successful transitions from college to pro (such as Chip Kelly or Pete Carroll) are extremely uncommon, and if there is one franchise that would kill any hope of that, it’s Cleveland.

I can already see the Browns’ head coach search playing out. The team will suddenly announce a name, and the city of Cleveland will collectively cry out “Who?” And that’s the only way it’s going to happen. The nature of the Cleveland job will put off anyone who wants to keep their name intact. McDaniels wisely saved what was left of his head-coaching reputation for a team that won’t completely destroy it. Gase just coordinated the most prolific offense of all time – why would he risk de-crediting his name by coaching for a team that just used its head coach as a fall guy? The only coaches that would accept such a job are those on the bottom rungs of the coaching ladder. Quarterback coaches. Coordinators we’ve never heard of. Coaches not good enough to be offered a first-rate head coaching job, and so will content themselves with a sketchy one. That’s the sort of coach Cleveland will have for 2014.

And that’s the sort of coach that the Browns front-office will deserve. Too bad we have to be content with that.

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