Jaguars nanocast: The Seattle blueprint, who to draft, more


Our weekly team nanocasts are back here at cover32. We are talking with our senior editors about the week around your favorite team. Whether they are preparing for a playoff game, looking for a new head coach or just getting set for free agency and the draft, there is something for fans of every NFL team.

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Nanocast? Just a short 2-minute chat to keep you moving through your NFL hump day.

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  • Steve

    Thinking that Gus Bradley wants to play conservative offense tells me that they don’t watch Jaguars’ games. Not that I blame you for not watching, he told his OC Jedd Fisch to be very creative. Even two different running backs threw touchdown passes. Low scores and stats is due to talent. Offensive line can’t open holes or pass protect very well. Receivers can’t get open and the quarterbacks are just okay at best.