Mailbag: Coaching, weaknesses, and 2014!


Defense, defense, defense. This Vikings roster needs major help, obviously. What is the one area of the defense that you think needs to addressed this offseason?
Carol in Saint Paul

Tough question, Carol. Well, to an extent. Everywhere? Does that count? Ultimately, it comes down to whether Jared Allen and Kevin Williams are Vikings next year. But looking at this with the current roster, and pretending that it remains the same, the secondary needs more help than anywhere else. The Minnesota Vikings rank 31st in pass defense when we look at total yards allowed, and yards/game which is an astonishing 4,595 yards and 287.2 yards/game. The run defense ranked 17th amongst NFL teams, average at best, but much better than the secondary.

Offensive or defensive-minded head coach, which one would you prefer?
Aaron in Ottawa

The Vikings seem to alternate between offensive minded and defensive minded coaches. Denny Green, who was more offensive minded, dating back to his days as a WR coach with the San Francisco 49ers in 1986, then Minnesota shifted to the defensive minded Mike Tice, then back to offense with Brad Childress, then back to defense with Leslie Frazier. Superstition would state that breaking that cycle may change Minnesota’s luck. I’m not sure about you Aaron, but I am not a superstitious person. We all know that the defense needs help. But then again, so does the offense. In today’s NFL, it has become such an offensive minded game. It’s about putting points on the board. Moving back to an offensive minded coach this day in age might be the right choice, especially when the Vikings’ most dangerous weapon is their running back. I wouldn’t have said this a decade ago, but nowadays, an offense is your best defense. Not the other way around. An offense wins you games, with defensive support, of course.

So much can happen from now until this fall, but which team in the NFC North do you think will be the most dangerous in 2014?
Yancy in Minneapolis

Agreed Yancy. A lot can happen in the stretch of an offseason. This is a question I’ve been pondering myself over the past few weeks. I think the Bears are too inconsistent and don’t hold enough depth within the ranks of their team. We never know what the erratic Jay Cutler and company will do. The Lions are entertaining new head coaches. They are, of course a team that has arguably more talent than any other team in the North, but seem dysfunctional. A change in system may put them out of it for a year. The Green Bay Packers would be my bet for the biggest threat in 2014. They made the playoffs without Aaron Rodgers, who is still one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Throw him back into the mix, and you have a team that could beat 90% of the teams in the league. If they can stay healthy, which they haven’t proven that they can do over the last several years, they are the obvious choice for the most deadly team in the NFC North.

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