Mailbag: Henery's future, free agency and Bill Davis


Thank you to everyone who sent us questions this week via e-mail. We appreciate the involvement as we wind down towards the end of the NFL season.

They’re going to cut Alex Henery, right? – Dale from Sellersville

I wouldn’t say they’ll cut him, but I fully expect them to bring in some competition. Henery’s stats aren’t all that bad, it’s just his misses stand out a bit more drastically than they should. On kickoffs, it wouldn’t hurt for the Eagles to have a kicker with a big leg who can kick it out of the end zone. Henery hasn’t really done that, so the Eagles will at the very least evaluate their options in that sense.

Our own Tyler Bolton-Fuhrman wrote a comprehensive article today on Henery’s effectiveness. You can check it out here.

Do you think the Eagles will spend a lot of money in free agency, considering they have a decent amount of cap room? – Jim from Richboro

I’m not sure how much money they’ll spend, but I do know that Chip and Howie are looking to add players with specific skill sets who fit what they’re trying to do. That’s not to say they won’t target a guy who might warrant a good amount of coin, but they won’t throw money at the newest toy on the block just because. That’s exactly what they did back in 2011, when they signed Asomugha, Babin, Cullen and the rest of the bunch. They spent because they could and because those guys were big names. I don’t expect that this time around.

Why hasn’t Bill Davis gotten any consideration for a head coaching gig after how the defense played? – Brian from Hilltown

Since the defense didn’t really turn the corner until halfway through the season, I think the body of work wasn’t completely there for teams to consider him a legitimate candidate. Bill’s a great coach, and the Eagles are very fortunate to have him around. I think next year will be a different story, especially after the draft and free agency. If (when) the Eagles add a few more pieces on his side of the ball, he should have a very impressive unit. He’ll warrant some head coaching attention next offseason.

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