Mailbag Questions: Another year of Mel Tucker?


It seems as if the Bears make a move every week that seems to divide the fan base. First it was the Jay Cutler extension and now it’s retaining defensive coordinator Mel Tucker. We addressed just that and a few other things on fans’ minds this week.


So, the Bears decide to hold onto defensive coordinator Mel Tucker. What the hell? That side of the ball killed us all season long.

–James in Gary, IN

This was a decision that I could have justified either way. With that said, I’m glad they retained Tucker. He didn’t have much talent to work with plus he was forced to use somebody else’s defense. Next season will be a better barometer of how he is as a coordinator. It also looks good as a management team if they give a guy another chance. Good luck trying to get another solid defensive coordinator if they believe they can get fired after one season.



Had to re-sign Jay Cutler, but is there another guy on the current roster that you would like to see get a similar long-term deal?

–Kathy in Racine, WI

I really believe strongly in Corey Wootton as a defensive end going forward. He played hurt and out of position the entire season but should be a much better player next year. He came on strong in 2012 and he’s young enough to give him a solid extension. The Bears actually could get him on the cheap and end up winning in the long run if he reaches around 10 sacks per season.


Pick one aspect of the defense that you think needs to make a major jump in 2014. Go!

–Bill in Chicago

Ooh, that’s a tough one because the whole unit struggled. If I had to pick one area it would be the interior of the defensive line. I still believe in the talent at linebacker and defensive end. Both those areas get a major upgrade if the Bears find a couple of defensive tackles who can stop the run and get after the quarterback. For even as bad as the safeties were this year, they wouldn’t have been exposed nearly as much if there was solid play from up the middle. Maybe the Bears bring back Henry Melton and draft a big nose tackle to plug things up. The defense would be significantly better if they did that.

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