Manziel or Cousins, Munchak or Gase? So many questions!


Been hearing the word “radioactive” all week about the Browns’ head coaching position. Is it the wins/losses, the culture in Barea, what gives? Great, loyal fan-base and loaded with young talent!

–Tammy in Cuyahoga Falls

Ah Tammy unfortunately it’s not at all about the talent on the team or the sold fan base but rather the fact that their front office has a tendency to fire their coaches before they even have a chance. This will be their fourth coach in five years and that doesn’t sit well in the mind of anyone who wants to rebuild a team and create a culture of their own. How can you have mold a team into what you imagine it should be when you’re only given one year like Rob Chudzinski? Ownership and management seem completely clueless as to what they want and who they want running things in Cleveland and that can’t sit very well with any candidates looking at the Browns’ job. In other words, we can thank our brilliant big wigs for not only ruining the last few seasons with bad decisions but for also for ruining any chances of bringing in a coach with any pedigree.

Let’s talk quarterback! Free agency (Kirk Cousins) or the draft (Johnny Manziel)? Cousins seems more ready to start for an NFL team, but what is your take on Johnny Football? Can he play?

–Terrence in Cleveland

In his career, Cousins has 8 passing touchdowns and 10 interceptions as well as a career passer rating of 68.6. So…why is everyone so high on this guy? He had a few decent games last year but has shown me absolutely no reason to believe that he’s a franchise quarterback. Johnny football, however, is a whole different story. The Browns seem hot on Manziel and I think Manziel may just want to come to Cleveland. He has a few sweet weapons in Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron and I bet the head men in Cleveland convince him that they bring in some other top receiver like an Eric Decker caliber player. Manziel is a play maker and a winner and the winner of the Heisman trophy as a rookie at Texas A&M. He does have some of the field issues and isn’t the biggest of guys but boy oh boy he would bring some excitement to C town! I will drink a beer to the health of Mike Lombardi if they draft him with their 4th pick overall and Cleveland fans everywhere may just have something to be excited about once again.

What is your take on the Browns defense? They seem like a talented young bunch that struggled on 3rd down. Are they a unit you would keep intact?

–Jim in Akron

Intact…I think there are some guys you keep (3 all pros) and I think there are obviously some guys you get rid of. The team needs help in the pass rushing department and could use some more depth in the secondary but I like them as a general group. This team should use their first 7 picks on their offense and then maybe spend a late pick on somebody on the D. I think the defense is something that they can build around and with the proper coaching they could make this team competitive. As for interesting…well if they can hire a coach who knows half a something, a QB who can win and bring some excitement and a running game that can be in the top 25 teams in the league…then I think they can be interesting again. Wish in one hand….

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