Seriously though, it’s just a game, folks.


We enjoy a good rivalry here. The Seahawks and 49ers have maybe the best one going on in football right now. Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll don’t like each other. The players don’t like each other. The fans definitely don’t like each other. It’s all fun but some people take it too far.

Before the December game in San Francisco this bunch of Rhodes scholars dressed up like gangbangers (replete with toy guns) and threatened Seahawks fans visiting the city:


Honestly? This kind of stupidity is only fit for an Ihop early on Sunday morning.

Seahawks fans are of course not innocent. If you scroll through Twitter you can find any number of nude Colin Kaepernick photos from his ESPN Body Issue shoot, with salacious captions promising lots of butt sex, because, you know, the gays are funny and stuff.



I’d like to believe that we’re better than this. The good news is that some folks haven’t forgotten that there are more important things in life than football. Fans in both cities are competing to raise money for children’s hospitals. From the 49er’s Facebook page:

Despite their differences, 49ers & Seahawks fans are joining forces to raise money for children’s hospitals in the two cities. The 49ers will match up to a combined $100,000 raised in the efforts this week.

Donate to UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital:
Donate to Seattle Children’s Hospital‌

Football is great. Football is arguably the greatest thing, but at the end of the day it’s just a game. Remember that before tweeting your homophobic puns or embarrass yourself dressing up like Ja Rule.

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  • Hawksfan206912

    We are all better than this.. On both sides.. we just take it too far. like WAAAY too far. honestly its funny at first cause we are both like screw the niners or screw the Seahawks. But actually its Insanely immature and i admit i do it as well. Honestly im just glad that my Seahawks made it to the NFC championship. As the Niner fans should be glad that they have made it to the CHampionship as well. They are both Awesome teams. Niners with the rich history of the 5 championships that they have won. And Seahawks trying to get their first one. But this year with the banner flying over and the billboard… REALLY? that was a waste of time. and proved absolutely nothing except the immaturity level of fans on BOTH sides.. I Respect the Niners and i know they have a great classy fanbase just as the Seahawks have great, classy fans. But both have some damn morons on each side… Good luck to the Niners! GO SEAHAWKS!!