12th man gets gutsy Super bowl champs tattoo


You can argue whether or not the Seahawks will win this Sunday against the 49ers in the NFC Championship game. You can argue if they can stop Peyton Manning’s high octane offense, or outlast whatever creepy game plan Bill Belichick concocts in his basement lair of doom. What is beyond argument is the fact that Seahawks fans are an enthusiastic bunch.

Some fans show their love by making irrepressibly nerdy flags, some go through three hours of makeup to look like the Hulk. This guy though is taking his 12th fandom to a new level.

That’s a seriously risky proposition. If the Seahawks lose he’ll walk around with an awful reminder for the rest of his life, or at least have to foot the bill for some laser removal. I applaud his testicular fortitude, however. What do you say, 12s? Is this guy courageous or crazy?

Check out these other pieces of Seahawks-inspired body art.

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