Cowboys looking to bounce back in ’14


Back again this week with another Top 5 for you Cowboys fans! This week we look at those whose season’s were cut short by injury and look to bounce back in 2014.

5. Morris Claiborne– Claiborne is in bad-need of a breakout season. After trading up in the 2011 NFL Draft to select Claiborne with the sixth overall pick, it has been nothing but hamstrings and heartbreak for Claiborne. Nobody is quite ready to label him injury-prone nor a bust just yet. Morris Claiborne was once called the best defensive player available in that Draft. Now Claiborne has had his shoulder repaired, hopefully he can have that breakout he desperately needs.

4. Sean Lee– Lee is one of the best linebackers in the league, when he’s on the field. Lee has received his contract extension, now it’s time to stay on the field and produce.

3. Tyrone Crawford– I was in Oxnard, California standing right next to Crawford when I heard the dreadful “pop” of his achilles and the end to his season. Crawford has a legitimate shot to start on this line next year. Now that he’s healthy and should be ready by OTA’s, he’s going to start fast and never let up.

2. Tony Romo– Romo only missed one game but I fully believe that this team would have won had he played. Romo, coming off of another great statistical year, really needs the chance to put the demons behind him and go on a run in the playoffs. Look for Romo to shed some weight and be back better-than-ever in OTA’s.

1. DeMarcus Ware– I know that Ware played most of the year, but it was a injury-riddled, almost ghost-like existence of a season for one of the perennial pass-rushers in the league. He is making $16 million in ’14, he needs to play like it, because if he has a similar year, it will be time to move on.

Check out Michael’s column from earlier in the week.

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  • Derrick

    I am ready to give Morris Claiborne his walking papers!!! But in all reality, 2014 better be a breakout season!! well at least a top tier corner out of 64…I’m hoping that we can bring D Ware back with a restuctured contract, I guess we’ll let Jason Hatcher walk but along with his great play, we really need him back for his motivational voice of the team…I’m quite sure we can bring Selvie back, hell i would give him some incentive pay! Now we have the draft..Stephon Tuitt or RaShede Hageman would be perfect!,,That would give us the best Defensive line in the league.

  • Craig

    There is SOOOOO much JJ needs to do here:

    Miles Austin will probably need to be shown the door. Since his injury he seems to have lost a pep in his step. If we wants to take a pay cut to something more in line with his output, sure, let’s keep him if not, buh-bye.

    Gavin Escobar – Talk about dud. His inability to block a one legged poodle was not offset by any great performances catching the ball. No he’s not the next coming of Witten (and few could be) but he needs to step his game up.

    Dez – Clearly Dez is the standout on the come up, but he needs to remember to shut up too.

    Tony Romo – I think it’s safe to say you will be around another two seasons at least but it may be time to start grooming a replacement.

    DeMarco Murray – Keep him. He may be finding his bearings after his injury prone first go around. He may need a complimentary back. I started to like what Dunbar was doing (until he went down). Randall and Tanner…. eeehhhhhh, not so much.

    Cole Beasley – Great slot guy. Reminds me of a slot version of Don Bebe.

    I think we really need to restructure the Ware deal… Sure he was once the MAN in Big D (3 years ago) but what have you done for me lately? Take a pay cut for the good of the team or take your services (or lack thereof the last two seasons) elsewhere.

    I would really start thinking about BOTH the Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne situation. The jury is still out on Claiborne but I have seen Carr get beat too many times to support all the hype of his signing and $$$s. I think we let Carr walk personally, but, I understand there may be some cap issues with cutting him. Restructuring only makes it more difficult to cut him later though, so let’s be careful here. He’s basically a nickel back living a lie as a starting corner.

    Scandrick shows flashes of brilliance at times, but he too his prone to getting beat by the every growing larger receivers. (IMO) He’s played better than both Carr and Claiborne so it’s hard not to justify keeping him around.

    Safeties – Church and Wilcox I am going to say let’s pass on Wilcox and give Church a chance. I almost want to experiment here moving Scandrick to FS and Church to SS.

    Selvie and Hatcher. I’d like to see BOTH of these guys back but I don’t think we have the cheese. I think Spencer walks too (which is okay with me). Injuries suck but that happens and you proved nothing after getting tagged. Crawford may not be the answer either, but, we are hurting at the end positions and it may again, be time to dip into the FA market (Hardy in Carolina comes to mind here – CUT THE CHECK JJ).

    Sean Lee – Man if this guy can stay healthy we may have something. The jury is still out on his health issues.

    That’s all I’ve got.