Eric Decker, Jessie James photo shoot wins Twitter, today

Credit: Matthew Emmons, USA TODAY Sports

The beautiful people.

There’s no doubt Eric Decker and his wife/country singing star Jessie James are gorgeous, certainly worthy of full-page pictures in magazines.

But, there’s something weird about these photos.

Maybe it’s the fact that James is pregnant, yet the two are in sexy poses together.

Or it could just be her three-inch, pink high heels wrapped around Decker’s leg as he does a curl with a kettle ball, him smiling, her staring adoringly at his ripping muscles. The awkward photo is blowing up Twitter feeds across the country this morning.

Look, we get it, you two stunning stars are having sex. Good for you.

This is a case of “TMI” or “Too Much Information.”

If you need more “TMI” make sure to check out the Denver Post’s story with a couple more photos here.

And this has to be noted; maybe if Decker was focusing on football instead of photo shoots he wouldn’t have tripped himself on the should-have-been punt return touchdown or dropped the ensuing touchdown-turned-interception in the back of the end zone at the end of that drive last Sunday.

Like this? Click here for another crazy photo!

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