Fights involving Buffalo Bills fans


If you have ever been to a NFL game then you know that they are full of drunk and angry people who don’t necessarily care if you are a fellow fan or a disrespectful outsider. There are people that wake up at the crack ass of dawn in order to get to the stadium early enough to grill enough food to soak up the massive amounts of booze they intend on drinking before game time. By the time they wolf down that hot dog they are fueled up just enough to want to kick the living crap out of you or anyone else just for looking at them wrong. With excessive drinking comes excessive disagreement and you are not about to anytime soon fill a place with thousands of people, serve them alcohol and then expect everyone to sit quietly. I’m not condoning these violent actions from any fan of any sport but there is simply no preventing it, and since its happening we might as well make ourselves aware of it and maybe even entertain ourselves at the same time. So with that all being said here are the top 5 fan fights involving Buffalo Bills fans, be sure to check out number 1 because it was honestly worth all of the work I did for this piece.

5. Bills fan in Jets land.

Now I really didn’t want to include this video because it shows a fellow Bills fan getting knocked the f— out, but it earned much higher grades than than the other videos competing for the spot so I had to include it. Also in all fairness if you are going to walk into somebody else’s house and start trouble you should expect to leave a mumbling bloodied mess so I had no choice but to put this fight in the top 5. At 0:34 the guy in the black tank top throws a knockout left hook that can be easy to miss because the camera starts moving at the exact time the punch is thrown but it drops our fellow Bills fan down for the count.

4. Home sweet home.

This fight between Bills fans broke out in the home opener of 2012 as it seems fans couldn’t wait to get drunk and punch each other in the face. The real action doesn’t get started until 0:52 and it happens out of view of the camera but from what I understand the guy in the black shirt got sucker punched and that’s why he ends up with the bloody nose. Shortly after is the reason this fight made to number 4 when the originally assailant points at his own jaw asking for a hit and get exactly what he wanted.

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  • foley

    Video 5 is a female getting punch by a piece of shit from Staten Island. You’re truly an add hole for writing what you did