Top 5 reasons Raiders should draft a WR in the first round


#5 – Drafting a WR makes Denarius Moore available as trade bait

With Jacoby Ford set to hit free agency, the Raiders are not very likely to bring him back in 2014. Because of his departure, the Raiders would need to hang on to Denarius Moore for depth. Unless they were to draft a wide receiver. Moore is coming up on the last year on his rookie contract and also may not be a guy the Raiders look to bring back. Drafting a good wide receiver would make him expendable and allow the Raiders to try and receive some compensation for him rather than just letting him walk after next season.

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  • TJA

    The Raiders have plenty of WRs . The O line and QB play must improve before you start talking playmakers . Watkins is good but like many others unless surrounded by a Manning, Brees, Rodgers, Brady , Big Ben, Rivers, Stafford or a few others capable of playing QB at a high level you are nothing but pedestrian in this league as a WR. In other words, Watkins as a Raider would not catch 25 balls over a season . If that !! James this is the NFL we are discussing not the ACC. In fact , against the only strong ACC defense, FSU, Watkins was pedestrian . When he lines up facing guys like Sherman , Revis , or other dogs out there he will see it is no longer play time. Fantasy games are over Mr. Watkins albeit you are talented your talent will not get you Jerry Rice Calvin Johnson type numbers. Same analysis applies to USC receiver Lee. Sorry but that is my opinion.

  • TJA

    James not to insult you but if Peyton were the Raiders QB you might catch 50-60 balls a year !!! Count me in for 40-50.

  • gino

    wow, draft a wide receiver… you must be a a raiders coach with that kind of thinking… how about drafting some one who can through the first

  • Jesus sanchez

    The Raiders need a real coach like Chucky or Tom cable