Report: Chris Johnson to be released by Titans


Reports are beginning to surface that the Tennessee Titans, led by new head coach Ken Whisenhunt, will release running back Chris Johnson.

The narrative yesterday and this morning was more about who would get the shot, speaking more towards Jake Locker, and less who wouldn’t be getting a chance.

This shouldn’t be a huge surprise, it was widely reported weeks ago that Johnson’s days were numbered given his production versus the money he’s being paid.

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  • kj wisdom

    I hope they don’t cut Chris Johnson. For some reason the Titans always get rid of the players that could make them a contender if they had a little help. I have and always be a Titan faithful but we need to do better in the draft.. I help build that stadium.. And was proud of what they did when McNair was running the show. And I hope we get back to that hard hitting never die attitude we had..Let’s Go TiTans…