Steelers offseason storylines to keep tabs on


Everyone’s talking about the playoffs.

Brady vs. Manning.

Niners vs. SeaChickens.

Sorry, Seattle. Whine all you want about Super Bowl XL, you still only scored 10 points. /

Steelers vs. …vs…well, themselves?

Two years in a row the Steelers have failed to make the playoffs. This raises lots of eyebrows in the Steel City surrounding roster personnel, the coaching staff and front office executives.

Everyone wants to see somebody’s head roll.

But what are the realistic storylines to watch for this offseason? Find out in today’s Top 5:

No. 5

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  • Tony P

    Finally, some straight talk about Tomlin and the GM. Tomlin did get a good team to start with. After 6 bad draft years, we have an average team at best. We should give these gentlemen one more year to right the ship and if no improvement, they should be gone. If i would have as many bad/down years as these guys, I would be let go too.

  • BassinProf

    Huh? Tomlin’s on the hot seat?? You are mistaken. Aside from a few fans being vocal there has been nothing at all coming from the brass that Tomlin’s job is in jeopardy.