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I’ll admit, the offseason is off to a slow start. Last night, I was actually thinking of putting up a post about Mychal Kendricks Instagramming a picture of Lola Bunny for “Women Crush Wednesday” (the picture has since been deleted). It’s gotten that bad*. So in lieu of such disappointment, today I’m giving you my Top Five dates of the 2014 offseason for the Eagles.

*But don’t worry, we’ll go into full evaluation mode once the Super Bowl is completed.

5. 2014 Schedules Are Released (sometime in April)

The Eagles have a very tough schedule in 2014, including games against the 49ers, Packers, Seahawks, Panthers and more. It will be interesting to see at what stages of the year Philadelphia has to play those tough teams.

4. Contract Negotiations with Eagles UFA’s (March 9-11)

These few days will be a big in determining the fates of both Riley Cooper, Jeremy Maclin and other unrestricted free agents currently on the roster. Whoever the Eagles are looking to retain for 2014, they’ll want to move quickly through negotiations in these three days in hopes of inking a deal before they reach the open market. The Eagles will want to get whoever they chose to keep at the cheapest price.

Dan Smith wrote an article this morning about whether or not the Eagles should re-sign Cooper. To view, click here.

3. The Scouting Combine (February 19-25)

In Indianapolis, the scouting combine runs college players through a gauntlet of tests and drills that could help improve or decrease their respective draft stock. They’ll also get to talk with NFL teams, who will use the opportunity to gauge the player’s intelligence and off-the-field demeanor.

We’ll have full coverage of the event, as it pertains to areas of interest for the Eagles.

2. The NFL Draft (May 8-10)

The Eagles will have the No. 22 overall selection in this years draft, an 18-spot improvement from their fourth overall selection last season. While many think the Eagles will go with a defensive player in the first round, a wide receiver could be in play depending on how the Cooper/Maclin situations end up. The Eagles will have seven picks in the draft—they’ll select one time each in rounds 1-4, twice in round 5 and once in round 7. The extra 5th round pick and lack of a sixth round pick is a result of the Isaac Sopoaga trade to New England earlier this season.

As with every major offseason event that involves the Eagles’ future, we’ll have comprehensive coverage of the NFL draft all weekend long.

1. Free Agency Begins (March 11 @ 4 p.m.)

While the draft is an exciting event, the start of free agency can bring a more immediate impact to a team. The Eagles certainly have pieces to add, and it will be interesting to see which areas of need they decide to address through free agency instead of the draft. The goal for general manager Howie Roseman is to find the right pieces to the puzzle, not necessarily the most expensive ones.

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