Top 5: We’ll hate to see them go


It is safe to assume that when all is said and done this off-season the Green Bay Packers will be without quite a few familiar faces. The Packers have to make decisions on 18 free agents this off-season, many of whom have had a major role with the team in 2013. In fact, out of the 18 free agents for the Packers 12 of them started for the Pack this year. And while free agency will be a reason behind the departure of many Packer players, others will become salary cap casualties, a term that has become all too familiar in today’s NFL. So brace yourselves Packer fans because the 2014 Packers could be without these big names.

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  • Chet Tucholski

    G.B. needs to make Matt Flynn happy. Seattle,Oakland and Buffalo are kicking themselves in the ass right now for letting him go. I have enough trust in him that he should be a STARTER for another team.

    • pumper

      GB is the only place he has had experience. The Packers need to sign him as a backup, then they won’t have to worry about the QB position for a few years, and can focus on other positions.

    • mike

      not likely. he was signed as a stopgap. more likely the packers will attempt to develop tolzien. look for tt to draft late rounder, or get a camp invite for development.

  • Dave

    GB should keep Flynn at minimum salary. Jones had one if not two key drops against SF. For a big time player in a big time game this cannot happen. Raji should be offered no more than 1.5/2 mil a year. Let some other team spend more on this average D-lineman in a 3-4 defense. I think they have to keep Shields. Our secondary is really challenged in it’s current state and struggles against big, physical receivers.

  • Rick Ould

    I hope the Packers ORG. Stops fooling around and sign Matt Flynn. DUH !!! Cant believe they went into this season without a Back up Quarterback.. A No Brainier