Brad Smith has a unique hobby outside of football


The NFL season isn’t officially over, and the Philadelphia Eagles probably wish they were practicing right now. Instead, coaches and front office personnel are evaluating the team and player performances from 2013, and are already getting a start on next season by scouting of college film.

The players, meanwhile, are taking time away from the game. This includes wide receiver Brad Smith, who is certainly looking to live life away from the game—by looking for the latest trend.

You see, Smith wants you to design a suit for him.

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion week is February 6-13, and the “who’s who” of fashion and designer companies will be in attendance. Smith plans on being there as well.

He’s looking to kickoff a “one-of-a-kind fashion design competition for emerging U.S. fashion designers”. The wide receiver has recently been involved with the glamour off the field. He recently started doing work along side Men’s Health Magazine, having done interviews on the red carpet at the ESPY’s, covered New York Fashion Week and also written for Men’s Health as well.

Smith is looking for a new look, and is in the market for creative ideas. If you consider yourself an “emerging designer”, then you might have a chance to help Smith score off the field and in the limelight.

“I’d tell the participants to keep it simple,” he says. “I like clean, classic lines, with a bit of an edge.”

There it is—keep it classy and keep it clean. As long as you stay away from a Dennis Rodman look, anything if fair game.

The lucky person who gets to work alongside Smith will accompany him to a runway show and a VIP party he’ll host at The Strand Hotel. There’s other loot to go along all this as well.

For more information, you can visit his website.

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