Sports photographer tries stopping @stlramsphotos from selling his work online


For those of you who are plugged in to the St. Louis Rams Twitter community, you may have noticed over the past few weeks that St. Louis Post Dispatch photographer Chris Lee (@pdchris) and a local Rams fan and photo editor named Alvin Lawrence (@stlramsphotos) have been engaged in a feud.

Since Lee publicly called Lawrence out for what Lee believes is copyright infringement on his professional photos, Lawrence has made his account private (update: within the past 12 hours, the account was made inactive). However, I was already following him, so I can tell you that he has tweeted exactly 1,760 times and has “edited” no fewer than 50 pictures. According to his bio, Lawrence credits these pictures as such: “I do NOT own these photos just the edits. Sources (STL Post Dispatch, Yahoo, ESPN and USA Today)”

Lee was originally annoyed that Lawrence edited a photo from the Rams-Buccaneers game. (I actually posted a blog about said photo with links to both Lee’s and Lawrence’s version). However, as you can see in the screenshot below (click to make less blurry), things seemed to be OK after Lee and Lawrence emailed back and forth a bit.

Click to make less blurry

However, just a few days later, things got a little hairy between the two.


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