What John Fox should tell Denver Broncos in his pregame speech

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It is about five minutes before one and the Denver Broncos about ready to take the field against New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game. The Broncos finished the season 13-3 with the No. 1 seed so the game is in Denver which is a big advantage for the team.

Head coach John Fox walks into the locker room and gets ready to address his time before they start the big game. Fox is not known for his big speeches before games but feels this time is different.

He prepares his raspy voice that sounds like he has had strep throat for five years.

He gathers his team around and pumps them up with a this speech:

Men, you earned this shot. This game is about revenge, redemption and hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. It is about making our wrongs from last season and this season right.

Now is our chance.

We have waited over a year for this shot. We didn’t get it done last year. The loss to the Ravens stung but now that is the distant past. We got over a hump last week but now it is time to take care of new business.

Men, we have a Hall-of-Fame quarterback who wants to add another Super Bowl to his resume. He deserves it after the season he had. Let’s get it done for him. Peyton, your nemesis sits over there in that other locker room. The man that has beat you before but the last time you met in the AFC Championship game, you got the best of him. You want to beat him again and this team wants to help you.

Some of our goals have already met. We won the AFC West for the third season in a row. It wasn’t easy. Our competition was tougher this season but we got it done. We wanted a bye and homefield through the playoffs. We got that done.

We wanted to get a playoff win and we got that done.

Now the real goals kick in. A conference title and a Super Bowl title. Today is the first step towards those goals. A win here today and we are half way there.

Wes, you have your own motivation for this this game. That team over in other locker room didn’t want you on their roster. We welcomed you to our team and you have been an important cog in this machine. You missed time with a concussion but now you are back and you are going to go out and show the Pats what they are missing.

We have been though plenty of adversity this season. All the offseason craziness, injuries and even myself missing four games due to health reasons. So what. None of that matters anymore. We have battled through that adversity to get this point, it sure as Hell won’t stop us now.

One of our biggest moments of adversity will take place against our opponent this afternoon. Yes, we blew that big lead at their place but that has nothing to do with today’s game. We can jump out to that big lead again but this team, they are not coming back. We will put them away when we get the chance.

We are going to head out to that field and dominate the Patriots. We are going to play our game and take the conference title. That is the goal today.

Let’s bring in men. Broncos on three…

1, 2, 3, Broncos!

And the Broncos take the field.

Chris Schmaedeke is currently the Assistant Sports Editor at the Daily Camera in Boulder. He has worked in sports journalism in Colorado since 2001 when he started at the Rocky Mountain News. He has covered the Denver Broncos for several websites over the past two years.

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